The Trade is the Settlement

How It Works

The invention of cryptographically-protected, distributed ledgers ushered in a true Cryptorevolution. tØ applies the security and efficiency of this new technology to the world of finance, making transactions more equitable, transparent and accessible to all market participants.

How We're Different

Regulatory Compliance

As pioneers in the world of cryptofinance, we at tØ recognize our obligation to blaze this particular trail as transparently as the technology we're developing.


All tØ technologies are built upon decentralized, cryptographically protected ledgers, which anybody can access and inspect. This ensures fairness to the entire market, without regard for size or geographic location.

Proof of Ownership

tØ's radical transparency and true settlement combine to grant real, unambiguous ownership - nearly instantly. If you buy it, you own it. It's that simple.

CEO Patrick Byrne recently sat down with Terry Roche of the Tabb Group to discuss our Short Token product. In this highly informative video, you'll learn about the philosophical basis of moving stock loan to the blockchain and how Short Token offers significant advantages to beneficial owners and institutional investors alike.

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